Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tinsel in the Sky

There's nothing like watching fireworks with someone you love. 

You guys. Fireworks are one of my all time most favorite things. It's like I forget how awesome they are each year. So many ooh and aahs and gasps and "that's so cool!"s came from my mouth while watching this fireworks show. Geniuses invented fireworks. 

Happy :) 

The night ended pretty tragically though. Near the end of the show something flew into my eye. It hurt so bad. I couldn't figure out what it was. I could not open my eye. I cried... And I missed the big finale! My favorite part. It was pretty annoying because we parked what seemed like a mile away from the field, and Ryan had to lead me through crowds of people while I was temporarily blind. I felt so embarrassed. When we finally got home I flushed my eye out in the kitchen sink, over and over again. Ryan helped a ton, and we ended up laughing a lot, especially when he accidentally poured water all over my face and into my ear. After 20 minutes, he finally found the smallest black demon of a speck in my eye and fished for it with a q-tip. How could something that tiny cause so much pain? 
I feel so grateful for Ryan and his kindess. 
(I guess this is a silly story, but whatever!)

This firework is dedicated to Miss Katniss Everdeen. 

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  1. oh booooo, I can't believe you missed the finale :( I am sad something flew in your eye, but it does make a pretty funny story. I have to admit I was laughing as I read it... I am just glad you found what it was and that you have your vision back and everything turned out okay :)


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