Friday, December 2, 2011

Another Birthday Present...

So. I've got a penpal :) 
I'm not sure how it started, but Mikelle, blogger of The Honeypie Archives, and I started emailing each other. Wait, I'm sure I sent the first email. I sent that first email reluctantly. I didn't want her thinking I was a stalker or anything (even though I secretly am...). We hit it off though! Emailing has never been so fun. It's fun getting to know her. I've never felt a deeper connection to someone I've never met before. If that sounds weird, then just pretend that I said "We'd hang out all the time if we lived near each other!" 
Anyway, she sent me a little gift for my birthday! 

I love that she got me jewelry from H&M because we don't have one here in town. And may I say that these earrings are pretty comfortable. Does that make sense? I have a few pairs that bother me, but these are gentle. And that bracelet. I've always wanted one like it, but always thought that I should buy something else, something more flashy. I love the simpleness of this one. 

Thanks Mikelley! 

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  1. yay! So glad you got them, and I LOVE the bracelet with your most previous outfit post, so cute! and it was an unconscious remembering of your favorite color being brown, I wish I could say I was that good at remembering, but I'm not! So I'm glad it was stored at the back of my head!


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