Thursday, December 15, 2011


A lot of fashion bloggers inspire me. Kristine, from Kristine or Polly, is one fashionista that I adore. I am so impressed with the way she mixes patterns. I absolutely love this outfit she put together so I tried my own version, adding some pattern mixes of my own. 
Her dress (shown as a top here) has little kitties on it :) 

And oh my! I forgot to mention! 
My parents-in-law gave me the Jo Totes camera bag that was on my Birthday list :D How exciting. right? I feel so grateful. 

Now it won't be so awkward to take my camera with me everywhere! 
 skirt & slip: thrifted
shirt: Rue 21
cardigan: Target
shoes: Payless
hat: gift from Grandma <3 
leggings: ...?
I was supposed to help my friend Laura go shopping yesterday but she got called into work. See, she's going on a mission for our church in February! I felt so flattered that she asked me to help her pick out the clothes she'll be wearing as a sister missionary. And have you seen the new dress code for sister missionaries? The examples of outfits look like something I would wear. Check out these cute skirts. We might go shopping today if she doesn't get called in to work again. 

Any of you have a blogger that inspires you? 

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