Friday, December 2, 2011


Oh my, it was chilly last night and this morning.

 So, I've had this outfit dreamed up in my head since last Summer. Does anyone else do that?? I realized through the summer that I can make so many outfits with my summer clothes just by adding tights or a scarf or a cardigan. Oh the cleverness of me. See, here's my clever face:
 Actually, that expression is just me being slapped in the face with cold. But you know. 

 dress and belt: Down East Basics
cardigan: a hand me down of sorts
coat: Old Navy
scarf: Charlotte Russe
tights and boots: Target 
bracelet: gift! 

 It took me a while to get on the scarf bandwagon. Why are we so afraid to try new things? To wear new things? I remember when I was younger I would never wear hats because I thought I looked bad in them, and now I have a collection. It seems that so many people say "Hats just don't look good on me" but when they try one on, they look FINE. Not like, sexy fine, just normal fine. I guess I had that reaction to scarves at first.
Here's to wearing things that take us out of our "comfort zones!"

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  1. Love this outfit. Love the brown and the pink combo.


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