Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Life of Journals

Because of our recent move I had rediscovered my box of old journals. Have you ever read an old journal of yours? It's quite a hilarious experience. And it's fun to read about and remember certain experiences I've gone through. Here are some things I found to be hilarious. I found it a bit surprising that a lot of the entries have to do with boys. eeks.  

Aw, I hadn't been kissed yet :3 

 Here's a photo of my first kiss/first boyfriend:

 Wow, this one was in 2008? That wasn't so long ago... 

My earlier journals, written when I was in middle school, revealed my unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter. Seriously, it was my life. It was also a confusing time. I was so very adolescent. And probably awkward. And I thought too much about random STUFF. Maybe I still do... :) 

I feel a little sad because I don't write in a journal anymore. I have one, but I hadn't written in it for about 4 months now. I guess I use this blog as a journal now. 

Anyway, this was probably a boring post. Sorry :) 

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