Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas break on my mind.

Just finished my Art History final. What a doozy. There were two terms I didn't know... that's already 10 points lost D: Maybe I'll still get a B? A high C will do... Only three more art history classes to go... sigh.


As I was sitting here in a lounge on campus, all the things that I want to do during the break were running through my head! I shouldn't be thinking of them yet, because I still have to finish a paper that's due tomorrow and  should be thinking of that instead... but I just thought that I'd write a list for now :)

1. Buy Christmas presents, but remember my budget!
2. Go thrifting... just once :3
3. See two movies: The Muppets and Breaking Dawn (I just HAVE to, okay?? Haters gonna hate.)
4. Build a fort.
5. Two family photo shoots! $!
6. Take a temple trip to Albuquerque.
7. Attending my brother-in-law's wedding :) :)
8. Photographing my sister-in-law's wedding :) :) ($!)
9. ...and maybe I'll convince my mother-in-law to take some family photos when all her kids are in town. They seriously need to update their family photos. Maybe that'll be my Christmas gift  to them :)
10. Hang out with Holly and maybe go on a double date or two <3

I'm excited, yo.
Does anyone else have fun things planned during the Holidays?

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