Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wisdom Toof

It is almost 10pm and I've just finished my final drawing. I've been in the drawing room for much too long, but I feel so relieved that it's finished! I really have enjoyed drawing this, I just hope Ryan doesn't get too self-conscious if he doesn't like the way I drew his face. I think there's a resemblance. Anyway, I think I look funnier.

Ugh, these photos are super bad quality. I plan on taking my camera to class tomorrow to get a decent one, and to take photos of the other drawings I've done in class throughout the semester. I'd post 'em here, but I don't think you all would appreciate a whole post of the naked people that I've drawn. That reminds me, we won't even be drawing a human tomorrow! A girl in my class volunteered to bring her dog to model for us. Isn't that funny? I hope it can sit still long enough.

In other news, one of my wisdom teeth hurts super bad right now. I don't have any money to remove the little stinkers :( And I don't know when I will have the money.... Life. I'll just take heap-loads of Ibuprofen in the meantime. No biggie? Maybe it's hurting so bad 'cause I've been using lots of my wisdom this week. Yeah....


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  1. I think wisdom teeth are covered under health insurance if you need to get them taken out. The state has quite a few affordable health insurance arrangements, its just a matter of finding them. Hope it gets better!
    And the drawing looks amazing :)


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