Saturday, November 5, 2011

Renaissance Fair

Dress: thrifted, cardigan: Forever 21, leggings: friend gave 'em to me, boots: Target, hat: gift from Grandma :), bag: on sale at Pac Sun

I didn't realize the Renaissance Fair was in town until this morning when Ryan and I were talking about what we wanted to do today.  His brother mentioned it and I'm glad he did.
This magician was really corny, but entertaining nonetheless. 

The guy who makes these butterfly displays lives in Peru.  He said he and his wife are only in the US 5 months out of the year for the fair.  He finds all of the butterflies on his property just before they're about to die.  I was glad to hear that he waited until they've lived their full life, even if it is only 10 days long.  Ryan had fun talking with him and his wife, who is native to Peru, because he served his mission in Lima. 

 It's pretty windy and chilly out today, but we had a fun time. 
And I bought a few momentos. 

A magnet and a butterfly. 
Also bought some homemade soap not pictured here. It's minty :)

Anyone else been to a Renaissance Fair? 


  1. How fun! Love your pictures. How crazy would that be to be "the butterfly guy" ? ...and your outfit is soooo cute!


  2. I love your outfit! The chunky sweater is perfect over the dress! And this really makes me want to get brave and wear some boots! I'm not sure why they scare me so much! Haha. Also, I haven't been to a Renaissance fair in years! I need to go!!

    Emma {Thrify Modest Threads}


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