Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pretty Pictures

Photos from my sister's wedding party session. I am so amazed with how lovely these turned out. I love my dress and cardigan, and my boots :) I love my sister's attire as well. What a beautiful family I have. 

(Click to enlarge)

Why yes, I'm quite short. 

The above photo makes me teary-eyed.

All pictures taken by Dawson Taylor. Take a look at his gallery if you're in the mood for viewing cutesy people in love. 

Sigh. In other news, the husband and I went apartment searching. Our previous apartment is unlivable and our landlady sounded like she has no idea when the distracted electric guys are going to finish with the repairs, so we gave up hope with that situation. Whilst on our hunt we had a choice between two apartments. The first was spacious: two bedrooms, a couple of linen closets, a pantry in the kitchen, lots of cupboard space in the kitchen too, and a dishwasher. I immediately loved it. It resembled our previous apartment, just upgraded. The second apartment we looked at was this tiny little thing! One bedroom, tiny kitchen and living room, a stove that looks as though it was made in the 1960s, and a bathroom that can only be accessed by walking through the bedroom. And the closet? It's unexplainable. Can you guess which one we chose?

Only a crazy couple would choose the dinky apartment, but crazy we are, I guess. The entire time we were in that apartment we laughed and made fun, but the price is what sealed the deal. That and the location.
The perks of our future, baby-sized apartment:
1. It's small, which will force me to get rid of things I don't need in order to fit comfortably.
2. It's got a carport, so one of our cars will stay a little cool during the summer months.
3. It's closer to school and my job.
4. It's within walking distance of a cheapy grocery store, Papa Johns, a dollar store, and Baskin Robins. 
5. It's 55 dollars less than the spacious apartment, and we don't have to pay a water bill. 

I'll take photos of this hilarious apartment in the near future. You know what, I'm talking as though we've already got the keys, but our application still needs to be reviewed. We'll pass without a doubt, no? 


  1. gorgeous wedding photos! You guys sound like a fun couple. I'm glad you chose the dinky apartment... it probably has character.

  2. Just found your blog through Clothed Much. These pictures are GORGEOUS! Also, yay for finding a new apartment! It sounds adorable! I can't wait to see pictures!

  3. These pictures are amazing! What a beautiful bride! I love her dress and her style! Oh my goodness. So creative!

  4. I am excited to see this baby apartment :)
    Dollar stores and papa johns are totally worth it.

    What's funny is when I was reading the part about the car port being an advantage, my immediate thought was "Lucky! a little shelter from the winter!" but I guess you don't worry about that there, do you?

    I'm really thinking strongly about moving to NM. Hopefully Matt's job or schooling makes us move that way :)

  5. ugh. I can't believe I FORGOT to talk about the pictures... I love your dress, and cardigan and boots too. The bride definitely has a good sense of style. I think you are lucky you got Mustard by the way, there is nothing like a good Mustard cardigan, if I were you, I'd probably wear it almost every day.... wait, I already do that!


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