Friday, October 28, 2011


So what else has happened this month? 

My sister-in-law got engaged and I took their pictures: 

We went to a pirate dance:

Ryan turned 25 and I made a cake:

We carved pumpkins last night: 

Pumpkin Biggie and Nyan Cat :)
I'm not sure if we'll do anything for Halloween. I don't know if I work yet. Any of you have fun plans for this weekend or Halloween itself? 


  1. wow! that cake look delicious!and great job on the photos :)

    & omg your pumpkin! how cute! I always do the plain jack-o-lantern face because it's easy!

    ah! Happy Halloween Bev!

    oh and as for our plans, pumpkin carving and family things--- and celebrating Matt's bday!

  2. Wonderful pictures, you make an adorable pirate, and I want that cake!! :] Also, pumpkin carving is so much fun! I need to get better at being creative with my carvings though! I love your pumpkin!


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