Monday, November 28, 2011

Feliz Cumpleaños!

Happy Birthday to me! 
I had a good one yesterday, welcoming the age of 22 into my life. 
 I requested waffles. That little egg was delicious too :) 
 Presents from husby! These socks. Seriously. 
And The Lion King? Diamond Edition? Win. 
Got my own flash drive, now I don't have to keep stealing Ryan's.

 As part of my birthday present, I asked Ryan if he would please take pictures with me in the fall leaves. Ryan does not love taking pictures, but he couldn't say no to a girl on her birthday. We went to school to take these because it might just be the only place in town with lots of trees (excluding the pecan orchards, but campus was closer).

 I'm so glad to have been born during Autumn.

 Long-sleeve and blouse: thrifted
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Target
Cardigan: Forever 21
 Um, so that's me doin' a weird little dance.

After those shenanigans, my parents prepared a dinner  chocolate lava cake in honor of my 22nd anniversary with life and we watches Elf. Oh it was good. 
And tonight! We're gonna go out with my favorite couple for dinner. I hope we get sushi.

Hurray :) 

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  1. these pictures are ADORABLE!! i also love chocolate lava cake and elf! sounds like a perfect day :)


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