Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Mae lives in Downtown Las Cruces, and I must say, I need to come here more often. 
 ^This might be the most modelesque photograph I've ever taken. 

 ^Totally played with her make-up in Lightroom on this one.

 ^ And this is my favorite. 

It's so nice to have a friend to take pictures with. 
It's not so nice to have strangers to take pictures with. 
This guy was overlooking our little photoshoot and invited himself to take pictures with us. Creepy? Just a little... 
 This is my face as the observer comes closer...
 "Can I take pictures with you?" Me: "Um, sure?"
 And so... 
 That's me laughing out of nervousness and amusement.
 "Mae, come take pictures with us too!" aka, "I don't wanna be with this guy alone..." 
 That's a bit too close for comfort. 
 I love Mae's expression in this one.

Once done with that, he asked to look at them. He was absolutely amazed with my camera and asked if he could have copies of the pictures. "If you come back this Saturday, I'll be here." I replied with a "sure," but this is obviously not happening. He seemed like a nice guy, just a little... off. All in all, it was an experience to remember. 

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