Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 7

A song that reminds me of an event: It's For the Best- Straylight Run 
This song reminds me of our big move from California to New Mexico. I was sixteen and had never lived anywhere else. I was leaving my mother's side of the family, friends, and my first boyfriend. It was tragic as we drove out of town. My sisters and I were bawling. Maybe after an hour of being on the highway we had all settled down a bit and my older sister put in a mixed CD she made. This song was amongst the others in the mix and I just remember listening to it very loudly, and loving it. 

Today Ryan and I need to run a few errands. 1) Grocery shopping. We literally have no food. 2) Bank. Gotta cash a few check$. 3) Search for a bookshelf. Thrift-a-loo! I hope the bookshelf will inspire me to organize our spare room. It's awful. I need to make it a big summer project, in fact. I'm hoping to get a desk and bedframe from my parent's storage unit to put in there. I'm also hoping to have the strength to THROW THINGS AWAY. I think I get my pack-rattiness from my dad. 

Hope you have an eventful day as well. 

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  1. Thrfiting? I am so jealous, I haven't been FOREVERZ. LOVE straylight. That's it, you've put me in the mood-- I'm listening to Straylight the rest of the day!


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