Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 20

A song that I listen to when I'm angry: Dressed for Friend Request- Drop Dead, Gorgeous 
I'm not too sure if I listen to music when I'm angry, but if I were to, this would be the song. Definitely. I quite like this song. Don't judge. 

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  1. Yes I think this is probably an "angry" song. I have to admit I have a couple of those on my ipod.

    Anyway. It's funny you say your husband is too honest. Last night I was telling Matt we could get away with having a cat and not telling the landlord, they wouldn't know, and our neighbor has a cat and hasn't told anyone.... but he said we have to be honest. ugh! Maybe we can leave kittys on each other's doorstep. The husbands won't be able turn them away!


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