Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What's up with this weather?

So it was raining this morning, now it's bright a sunny. Agh, how do I dress? January has been bipolar. Shouldn't complain though, there are people freezing their butts off in other parts right now, I'm sure. 

shirt: OK Go concert, 2005, maybe
skirt and belt: thrifted
cardigan: Target
boots: gift 
umbrella: thrifted

Whoo! That's all for today. 


  1. Oh love the colors in this outfit! And the outfit itself! You are just the loveliest! And what IS UP with this weather.. It was raining and fuh-reezin yesterday and tomorrow it's supposed to be 80+ degrees.. It's soo weird... I don't like it...

    Janette, the Jongleur

  2. I am one of those freezing people! Brrrr! Although we have had no real snow this year which is mad considering the last few years when it was simply snow mad! It has only snowed a few times but after rain, so it never stuck around on the ground! :( Bipolar is a perfect way to describe the weather though, love it! :) Zoë x

  3. I love your funky outfit :) And I have that same sweater in purple - I totally wish I would have got one in black too!


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