Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last Sunday

 I find myself doing this move a lot lately^ You know, Kristen Stewart's signature hair move:
She must've done this move at least 100 times during the first Twilight movie. I'm tired of this and I miss my bangs. It's time for a hair cut. I've been thinking of chopping it all off, so that the tips will just brush my shoulders, but I'm sure I'd really miss this length. Ryan is all for the idea. Cutting or not cutting my hair shouldn't be this hard to decide. Regardless, I do need a trim. 
 We'll just have to see what I'll end up deciding to do about this hair business... 

blouse and skirt: thrifted
belt: Down East Basics
tights and earrings and hair bow: Icing's
shoes: vintage 

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