Thursday, January 12, 2012

Take a hike!

So... I've been trying to work out everyday... but today I just wanted to be with Ryan. So I decided that we should do some "exercise" together and take a hike. I say "exercise" because it wasn't a particularly difficult hike. 

 Posing with the "perfect" yucca. 
 We encountered some leftover snow once we got further into the mountains. It was a little slippy. 

(Oops, my backpack was still open.)

 Snow in the desert. 
 I found a mouse! I was in danger of stepping on him/her, but it didn't seem afraid of us. I swear, this mouse was posing for these pictures. Ryan thinks he was just trying to stay warm by sitting on this rock in the sun, what with all the snow around. 

Today was fun :) 

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