Monday, January 23, 2012


 What I wore yesterday to church~

skirt: thrifted
blouse: borrowed (...still gotta give that back!)
tights and flats: Target 
Not gonna lie. I totally stole the concept of this outfit from Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky
I noticed that by some crazy coincidence that we had thrifted the same skirt. I'm pretty sure it's the same skirt, 'cept that she must've hemmed hers. Now if I would've looked at this photo right before putting this outfit together I would have added a necklace and worn different shoes. But, ya know, I haven't got internet in the apartment. Maybe I'll wear this outfit again with that in mind. 

So I woke up from a dream this morning where I was folding all of my t-shirts. I noticed that I had a lot of band t-shirts and I thought to myself, "I should wear these more often." So, I've decided to follow my dreams this week and wear those tees. It'll be a challenge, and maybe it's a little lame, but whatever. 

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