Monday, January 9, 2012


 I told myself I was going to put up photos of our wedding day yesterday... but then I didn't have time and simply forgot. Up there is a photo of me, all prepped up in the bathroom of the Visitors' Center of the Albuquerque temple, about to enter the house of the Lord, and come out a married woman. My elder sister did my makeup and my friend/Maid of Honor helped with my hair. 

 This is my all time favorite photo of Ryan. Just look at that expression he's wearing. Kinda makes me swoon. I think he looks a little like Neil Patrick Harris in this one. 
 I'd like to wear this dress again one day, maybe on our 25th anniversary. That might be some motivation to stay healthy so I'll still be able to fit in it, eh? I'd also like to hem the bottom so it won't drag on the floor. 

Here's to one year! 

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  1. gorgeous pics!! happy anniversary! it just flies by, right? ;)


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