Friday, August 5, 2011

Wet N' Wild

When we went to Wet N' Wild last month I bought a disposable camera to use while there. I would have been a little nervous taking my DSLR because everyone usually leaves their belongings on one of the picnic tables while frolicking about the park (and I think you need to bring your own lock to use one of their lockers). I still edited these, though! If I had not, you'd be looking at terrible quality photos, which I cringed at. These still aren't that great, but loads better than what they once were.

 Ryan's hair was doin' funny stuff ^
I had only been to a water park once before when I lived in California. I don't think I went on too many rides that time. I was always a little hesitant to come to Wet N' Wild because I heard it was ghetto. It turned out that it wasn't as ghetto as I had imagined. Or maybe I'm just not that picky. Of course, the wave pool was kinda nasty and warm by the end of the day :| Besides that, we had lots of fun.

We got free ice cream sandwiches because we turned our tubes in before 6pm. Sweet deal if you ask me.


  1. oh my! your suit is so cute! yuck for warm wave pools, but looks like fun. We have yet to go to a water park this summer-- maybe we'll squeeze it in these last 2 weeks before school starts!

  2. What's up cuteness? I'm back :) You and Ryan are adorable--and I love that yellow polka dot bikini!


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