Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thanks, Storm.

 So it's 'bout time I blog about this.
Last Friday afternoon there was a crazy and powerful rainstorm. It lasted for about 10 or 15 minutes, but boy was it crazy. This is what happened:

 Everything was all quiet and peaceful-like until it wasn't, and then we heard a huge thump on the roof. Yeah, the overhang flipped backward onto the roof. At least it didn't land on a car parked beneath it. At the other end of the walkway we noticed that that side had been wrecked as well. Much worse, actually. Everyone was calling the landlady and she showed up at our front step asking if we were alright or if there was any internal damage to the apartment. We didn't have any problems. Thankfully.

Later that evening we visited with Ryan's parents and when we came home (around midnight) the lot was empty. A security guard greeted us with the news that there was a lot of water damage and they had shut off the electricity and plumbing. They had asked everyone in the building to sleep elsewhere. So we grabbed some stuff and back to the in-laws we went.

And here we remain.

It wasn't until yesterday that the landlady called us with an estimate as to when we can live there again. About two weeks. She gave us the option of moving out and getting our deposit back in full or waiting it out and not being charged for the two weeks. I think we're going with the latter. Our rent is cheap for a two bedroom apartment and  I hate moving and if we were to move into a one bedroom apartment there wouldn't be enough room for all our crap. So that's what's goin' down.

 In other, much more exciting news, my sister-in-law's boyfriend just recently got baptized this past Saturday. I wasn't able to attend because of work, so I made Ryan take pictures for me :)

 They're made for each other, I'm sure. 
Papa-in-law and Sam. 
Audrey, Sam, and his parents. 

Now I gotta get a bunch of homework done! See ya. 

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