Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Errands and Work

I would not advise anyone to wear an outfit such as this on a day like today. The high was 100 degrees. I just really wanted to wear my new jeans and this top that needs layering D: No no no. Good news is that I found a good outfit for Autumn. In fact, there's this amazing ensemble that I've worked out in my head that I'm excited to wear come Autumn. Do any of you do that too? Plan outfits waaaaay ahead of time?
Top: thrifted
Undershirt: Down East
Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters 
Sandals: Walmart
Flower on shirt: taken from another shirt... 

Eh, wrinkly shirt ^

Errands of today involved getting some Financial Aid stuff figured out at school. Gotta go back tomorrow with a copy of our marriage license. I'm both excited and nervous for school to start back up again. 


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  1. I'm excited for you to start school :)
    & So jealous you thrifted that top. I guess we just don't have good thrift stores around here, because everyone else seems to find the best things. I seriously would give just about anything to thrift with you for a day!


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