Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Forgotten Art Project

I found one of my old sculpture projects from last semester. It was in our pathetic spare room: 

Would you look at that mess. 
It doesn't look like this anymore. I tidied it up a bit. Finally. I've been telling myself to organize that room all summer and now that there are only two days left before school starts, I finally feel motivated. It really wasn't that hard once I discovered that half the junk in there was trash. There's still more to be done though. 

So anyway, this project. 
It's based off of this painting by Van Gogh. 
I chose a simple painting because I figured that I could put more thought into the subtle details. That, and it was the last project of the semester and I was so over that class. 
Still, I do like the way it came out. 

"Wheat Field With Crows" 
Old suitcase, cardboard, hay, hot glue, spray glue, air dry clay, rice, brown sugar, styrofoam, yarn, fishing wire, acrylic paint.  

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  1. I so relate to the spare bedroom mess. The busier we get the more hobo piles we have around our house.

    That project is beautiful!


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