Thursday, August 11, 2011

Native American?

So I was wearing an outfit similar to this (same shirt, skirt, and necklace) to a baby shower last month, and two people asked me if I was Native American. I honestly don't know if I've got any Native American blood in me. I might? My dad's mom probably had some in her, but she passed away long before I was born, so I can't ask her. I guess I should start looking into that family history business! But anyway, that inspired today's outfit, which I only got to wear for a few hours before work.  
Shirt: thrifted
Skirt: vintage, thrifted
Belt: thrifted
Shoes: Walmart
Necklace: Icing 
I wish I had taken a better picture of this belt. It's awesome D: It's really colorful in the back and Guatemalan looking. 

I'm posting this pretty late at night because:
1) When I got back from work at 5 the internet was being lame
2) I had to go to the church from 7-8:30
3) We went to Walmart for groceries and spent a RIDICULOUS amount of time waiting in line. The cashier must have been new, because it took a hecka long time. Then we switched lines because we were waiting for what might have been 30 minutes, but then there was a difficult lady in front of us in the new line. I wouldn't go grocery shopping there if it wasn't so cheap...
4) I had to make dinner (at 10:30!) and eat it. 

So it's already Thursday now, being 12:15am and all. 

Travelwise: we're going to Albuquerque in the morning for a temple trip and to visit Ryan's sister... who we just found out today is pregnant again :) 


  1. Hi how are you? I like your blog and you are pretty ^_^ I add you, bye bye!

  2. LOVE this look! So bright and colorful :)

    I also love that you are from New Mexico. I am originally from the Land of Enchantment too!

  3. Whether you do or not, you sure look beautiful! The colours look amazing on your skin tone! :) Have a lovely day! Zoë x

  4. i love these colors together! i never really associated yellow as being a native american color... maybe it was the necklace? although feather necklaces are kinda popular... whatevs, people are silly. :)


  5. I love this color combination! Now I'm dying to try it!

  6. LOVE this look. those colors together are beautiful :)


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