Friday, May 13, 2011

Scottsdale, AZ

Probably the most ritzy city I've ever been to in my life.
Any-who, the trip in itself: A learning experience. As we were driving along I felt so prepared for what was to come. Had the snacks, sunglasses, money, oil change, gas, and directions to Scottsdale. See, I wrote down the directions to the city, but forgot to get the directions to the hotel. I didn't even think of it.... You can imagine that I felt pretty dumb for not having done so. Neither Ryan or I have a smart phone or GPS to give us all the answers to life, so I kind of made him ask for directions at a gas station. I just felt so ashamed, ha.
Once we arrived at the hotel, we wanted to change clothes in prep for the concert. We then discovered that Ryan forgot to pack his pants. His only bottoms were the basketball shorts he wore on the 6 hour drive up. Luckily, we found a TJ Max and bought some shorts.
It was nearing the concert and Ryan and I walked around tons. We were passing by the venue in which the bands would play that night and I noticed a group of people walking across the street. A girl with pink hair... it was Eisley. The fan-girl in me squealed, but I could not bring myself to go anywhere near them. Do I regret it? Probably. But I'm not going to dwell on it.

Watin' in line. 

Concert time! I was afraid the venue would be jam packed with people and we'd have to "fight" for a decent spot, but it was nothing like that. Since it was at a bar the floor was divided in two: drinking side and non-drinking side. Hurray for being 21! The 21+ side was much more spacious than the opposite side. I stood in the front row. I'm sure it was the most comfortable show I've been to yet. 

Christie Dupree and her brother Colin were the first act of the night. Her voice is just as beautiful as her elder sisters'. 

The Narative. I had not heard of them until that night. They were adorable. 

(Doesn't Sherri Dupree remind you a little of Ramona Flowers?)
Eisley. Beautiful. 
We bought Christie Dupree's demo and The Narrative's album. 

The next day was a little nightmarish. Not completely, but it was a bummer in some ways. As we were checking out of the hotel, I saw a puddle under our car. We had just got the oil changed so we were freaking out a bit. Further investigation proved that it was the antifreeze that had leaked. Long story short, we had to wait a few hours for our car to get repaired. The good that came out of this? We browsed the HUGE mall for a couple of those hours. Most stores were pretty expensive (including Kate Spade and Anthropologie *swoon*), but besides that I finally got to step foot into an H&M. Bought a couple of items that might inspire me to do more outfit posts. ALSO, had one of these:
Thanks to my father-in-law, the car repairs were paid for and we got home very late, but safe. I feel very blessed. And that concludes our Scottsdale adventure. xo. 

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