Monday, May 16, 2011

Feelin' like the 1950s

Finally got myself a peter pan collar, and this outfit reminds me of the 1950s. 
Shirt: H&M
Skirt: thrifted and altered  
Shoes: Payless
Belt: H&M 
Hair clip: Walmart 
I just had to add the poodle hair clip to finish the look. 

Ryan and I have decided to read a few books this summer. I desperately need to read more. I feel that the internet is consuming all of my free time, and besides blogging, it has become wasted time. We're going to start off with 1984 since neither of us have read it. Are there any good books I should know about for some Summer reading? 

In other news, I found out that I only work one shift this week. This is a little exciting but also worrisome, of course. I work at Sonic as a carhop. Sometimes I like my job, and other times I completely loathe it. I'm guessing that it's this way with most employee/job relationships. I'm trying to decide on whether to find a new job or to just stick with it and see if I'll get more hours later in the Summer. I can always make extra money with my photo-shoots, but what if there isn't too much of a demand for it this summer? Maybe I'm overreacting. We're not hurting for money right now, anyway. Just gotta be on my toes! The house sitting job will bring in some money as well... 
I think we'll be fine. It's not like Ryan doesn't have a job. 
This just in: We are going to start house sitting tomorrow as opposed to Wednesday. You know what this means? I get to watch GLEEEEEEEEE(!!), on its scheduled TV time instead of waiting for it to be on hulu. Oh happy day. Only two more episodes left this season :| Rachel + Finn, please. 
That is all. 


  1. Ommmmgosh you're so cute, and that outfit is fantastic!

  2. That's why you should switch to Foothills


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