Thursday, May 26, 2011

Been a While

Hello Bloggers. These past couple o' weeks have been filled with sleeping in, house-sitting, watching the many channels on the dish network (What Not to Wear :D), watching Fringe on DVD (so intense), watering plants, dates with the husband, a few photography jobs, playing Beatles Rock Band, and just being kinda lazy... But this might be the last "real" summer I have! I plan on going to Summer school next year.
My little sister Melanie (yeah, she's taller than me) and I hung out today. We began the day with lunch at the Boba Cafe. Forgot how good it was. Then we had some fun photo time this afternoon. Yup, that's the backyard of the house I'm babysitting. It's quite spacious and the lighting is very photo worthy. 

I think these photos prove how our personalities differ. Melanie is pretty eccentric, so it's easy to take her photo. Not camera shy one bit. 

Yay for sister time! 

Dress: Down East Basics
Shoes: Target ($5!) 

The husband is out playing with his friends,
and I have a date with hulu. 

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