Thursday, June 27, 2013

Splendid Jewelry

I shot some jewelry for my friend's business last week. I'd like to thank the lovely Anne for being my model, and also apologize for making her wear clothes that she wouldn't normally wear. Don't worry Anne, you're still bad-@$$. 

Like what you see? Visit Mae's Etsy shop!  
And check out my new photo blog for the rest of the images! Also, lemme know what you think of the new site as well. My friend offered to help me make it and I think she did a swell job :) 


  1. ooooh, how lovely! i've always wanted to photograph handmade jewelry. also, send me a 200x100px button when you get a chance & i'll add you to my sidebar links!

  2. I was browsing through Etsy today looking for some cute jewelry and easily got discouraged and stopped looking. So happy to have found your post! Everything is so pretty!


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