Sunday, June 30, 2013

Red, White, and a bit of Blue

This "Sunday before July 4th" outfit is less patriotic looking as last year's.
Also, I actually tried doing something with my hair besides just curling/straightening it. I wish I would have had Ryan take better pictures of it.
dress & slip: thrifted, shoes: Kmart, belt: F21 
So Ryan is leaving me all alone on the 4th this year. He's going on a camping trip with the youth in our ward. There was talk of including the girls in the trip, but it was just wishful thinking. I'm bummed because if the Young Women were included, I could go as well! They're leaving for Colorado early Thursday morning and will be back Monday evening. Colorado! I am so jealous. So I'm not too sure what my plans for the 4th will be. I've been alone on the 4th before and I just ended up staying home and watching fireworks in my backyard. It was pathetic. (But the fireworks cheered me up a bit.) It's awkward being married and alone on a holiday. Like, I'd like to hang out with my other married friends, but I'd feel like a 3rd/5th wheel.... And it's kind of a drinking/"party" holiday, so I dunno how I'd feel around that crowd. (Nothing WRONG with my peeps in that crowd, but I'm sure I'd just feel a little awkward. Out of place? You know.) 


  1. Cute shoes! I'm always too afraid to buy colored shoes; i convince myself that I will never find enough outfits to wear them with.

    I'm also gonna probably be a loner on the 4th of July! I'm sure my dog will appreciate that I'm stuck home with her though. Haha!

  2. This look is great, Beverly! I'm loving those pumps!
    I know what you mean about not knowing what to do when you're alone for a holiday and married. I count myself blessed to have a solid group of girlfriends who are always up for a girls night, which usually takes care of any lonely nights. Although, nights alone with a book, bubble bath, and glass of wine aren't too bad either!
    I hope your plans for the 4th come together! You could just, you know, pop on over to Canada to say hello ;)

    1. Oh boy, I'd love to visit Canada! I seem to have a lot of Canadian blogger friends :)

  3. Cute cute, love the classy red, white, and blue look!

  4. Beautiful look! Love the dress and those shoes! Thank you for commenting over at my blog! Alex

  5. you look gorgeous in this dress!! love the understated 4th look of it. bummer you couldnt go on that trip, sounds like a blast!

  6. This outfit is so cute! I am loving the classy patriotic look. That dress is such a good find from a thrift store!


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