Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Liebster Award Video

I was tagged by Emily to answer some questions about myself! I'm supposed to answer these questions she gave, state 11 facts about myself, and ask 11 questions and tag 11 bloggers to answer them. I was actually awarded the Liebster last summer as well, so here's the link to my 11 facts: An Award? For me?? 

Eleven from Beverly Houpt on Vimeo.
(Also, sorry for the amount of times I say "like" in this video. It's a terrible habit to speak this way.)

I don't think that I'll tag 11 people, but here are a few:
1. Erin of Plus Sized Pretty
2. Maricarr of Velveteen Mint
3. Carley of Little Bird Lee 
5. Alexandra of Into the Woods 
6. And anyone else who wants to participate!!

Here are your questions:
1. Describe your favorite day~
2. Do you have a favorite picture of yourself? Show us!
3. What is a favorite quote of yours?
4. Dogs or cats?
5. Do you like to dance?
6. If you got a tattoo, what would it be of and where would you get it? (Or maybe you already have one?)
7. Do you ever wish you were born in a different era? If so, which one?
8. Find your daily horoscope online, read it, and tell us if it's accurate~
9. Describe your dream job~
10. Do you have any phobias?
11. Name a movie that you can relate to~

I'd highly encourage you to make a video answering the questions, because videos are so fun! But you know, if you fear videos or just can't, then please still answer!


  1. Lol. This is such a funny video. As you can tell, I often times think about these questions in my down time and try to find the perfect answer. I've decide that I wouldn't tell anything to anyone if it wouldn't make a difference, because then there's no point in telling them other than to make myself feel better ha ha ha. And with the whole miserable but have an impact, I was thinking about like, artists for example, who make this art that saves people's lives or gives them direction, but they have to be depressed to make it. Or like people who sacrifice their lives for others. It's a hard one. I haven't decided what I would do on that one yet. Also, sorry I haven't been making those Sunday videos. I can't think of any questions I want to answer! Do you have any ideas? We could do one this Sunday but you should def pick the question.

    1. I'll come up with a list of questions to ask for the Sunday videos :)

  2. You are so adorable! And we started blogs for similar reasons, yeah!

    Thank you so much for nominating me! Unfortunately I don't post awards on my blog at this time, but I would be happy to answer your questions right now!

    1. Hopefully I answer this question right! I'm thinking you mean, the best day of my life? Hmm, well, that's actually really hard to say- I guess that one of them would have to be my 10th birthday party.

    2. Oh dear, I have my picture taken so much! It's hard to say. I suppose as of the moment it would be this one, because of the very special people I am with <3

    3. "Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

    4. Cats

    5. I do enjoy dancing, but I am TERRIBLE at it! So sad!

    6. Normally I would never get one, but for the sake of the question... maybe a dandelion on the back of my neck or something. But honestly, the idea of a tattoo on me makes me cringe X-(

    7. I love the early 1900's, victorian eras, medieval times, 40's, 50's... but each one of them was a time of facing serious problems. Then again, we are facing our own now. I don't really know. Theoretically speaking though, any one of those are lovely eras.

    8. Sorry! I don't read horoscopes! They freak me out :-)

    9. Professional, full time personal style blogger while running my photography business.

    10. Does germ freak count? I check all of my silverware before I use it to see if it's clean. That's just one example.

    11. Honestly, I can't come up with an answer! For now all I can think of is my favorite movie, Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn.

    1. We literally have the same dream jobs! I would never get a tattoo either, but I often ask myself this question, haha. Thanks for answering! It;s nice to know more about you :)

  3. Your video is so awesome, Beverly! I love getting to know the bloggers I follow through videos - it's so much different than the static photos that we all usually post :)
    I'm looking forward to putting a video together - if the weather holds up I'll head out tomorrow and film outside!
    Thanks for the tag! You're a gem :)


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