Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Friend-zy

What a hot day. 
This is one of the dresses I bought from the flea market in Utah. I love how light the fabric is, making it a suitable dress for summer. As I was putting this outfit together, I noticed that I don't usually wear a lot of accessories. Does that make my fashion blog boring? I don't know. My favorite accessories are necklaces and brooches, since they're very "no fuss." I can't stand to have a bracelet that keeps shifting and sliding up and down my arm, or to have a ring that is just too big, and I kind of forget all about earrings. I do have a few bracelets that I'll wear from time to time, though. Maybe this is why I love painting my nails so often. Painted nails count as an accessory, no? 
Anne and I took a walk around the historic neighborhood in town. So many lovely homes that I wish I could live in. I think an owner (or two) of these houses saw us taking photos... It's a little embarrassing, but they must be used to people taking photos, right?  
Have a good weekend! 


  1. i don't really do accessories, either! i have a few silver necklaces that i wear almost daily, i have two rings that don't come off, i hate bracelets, and my ears aren't even pierced. plus, in the summer, who wants to be weighed down by stuff? your new dress is lovely!

  2. What adorable pics! Love thy first one- so cute! What a great flea madket find!!! Looks like you two have fun together!

  3. Really pretty photos! I love that dress! The detail on the top is so pretty :) Love the gif and the nail pics, SO dang cute. I'm glad you took pics in front of the old pretty homes since you had me curious talking about them last weekend. Also, I love this Friday Friend-sy thing you do, best idea ever!

  4. awe cutest! where did that nail stencil come from? gotta have it.
    that dress makes me even more excited for the flea market now! love it!

  5. Hehe, I totally know what you mean about picture taking! My most recent post was at a winery. We did a few shots by the corporate offices and some lady was watching me through the window! Ah, a fashion blogger's life :-) You both look lovely! Alex

  6. Girl, i don't blame you for being simple with accessories. I myself can't stand bracelets and rings. Like you said, too fussy. Great blog and you and your friend are both gorgeous!
    Please check out some of my looks on!!

  7. i am in love with both of your outfits here! the dress looks so comfy and perfect for summer. i love the little gif at the top of the post, and they must be used to people taking photos in front of their house if it is super lovely!

    lindsey louise


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