Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I've done tons of photo shoots at this little park, but I never thought to take my own pictures there until now. It was such a chill experience, let me tell you. Usually when taking outfit photos I'm turning my head every way to see if anyone happens to notice me being weird and taking countless photos of myself. Luckily this park is almost always empty, so I had a nice and peaceful time just doing my thang. 
I have some fun news! I'll be visiting Utah this weekend! I'm going up for a REALLY quick trip with my sister-in-law while she attends a wedding there. I'm already planning on meeting a couple of my blogger friends, and I am SOOO excited. Not only have I literally never been to Utah, but I've never met any of my blogging friends either. So yay! I'm nervous and excited. 
dress & slip: thrifted, belt: F21, shoes: Target, headband: Icing 


  1. Great self pics!! I need to find a place to take pictures where no one is around...I freak out all the time when I take pictures outside of myself...haha

  2. These photos are gorgeous girl! I love that headband especially!
    It's always great when you find a secluded spot for pictures! I can imagine it would be even more awkward to take your photos in public with a tripod...I have one but I haven't tried using it yet.
    Yay!! I'm so excited to finally meet you!! I'm a little nervous too so I'm glad you are haha. We have to take a pic or two together as proof!

  3. These are such cute photos! I can't believe you used a tripod?! I would be terrible at that! You can't even tell you did! I love that dress. You look so pretty girl xo


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