Sunday, April 3, 2011

This Weekend

Gotta get down on Friday. This past Friday, I had the privilege to do a music swap with my friend Sara. It's so nice getting new music once you've realized that you're burnt out on every song in your iTunes library. Refreshing. 

I've been meaning to blog all weekend, but found myself to be a very busy person. So here's Friday's outfit:

(Yeah, this picture was taken in the mirror... forgot to flip it while editing)
Shirt: Eisley!
Skirt: vintage (and altered)
Belt: thrifted
Shoes: thrifted (Old Navy)
Neckalce: gift <3
This weekend was an eventful one indeed! Along with watching General Conference, I ACTUALLY HUNG OUT WITH PEOPLE. I have been feeling a little friendless these days, being busy with school and work, and having an engaged best friend. My sister unexpectedly called me and we went out for sushi. I made a lot of tips the night before, so I convinced myself that I deserved to spend the money. It was nice to see her, especially since I recently found out that she and her fiance are moving in a couple of months. Her fiance, Jim, got a job. Like, a real, grown-up person job. With Nestle! So she'll be moving around quite a bit because of it. She has always lived in the same city as me... I'll miss her. 

Once conference was over, I had a double photo shoot. 


 Oops. While I was uploading these, Blogger just notified me that I was out of storage space for photos? LAME. I'll look into buying some more later. I've got to continue with the art projects for now. Will upload other favorites of this shoot later. 


  1. i didn't know you could run out of photo storage space with blogger. hmmm, i better look at mine too. PS: welcome to the Mormon fashion bloggers list!

  2. Use flickr to host your pics! Seriously it's the best. (and free up to 300 gb a month. or something that I never use up)

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