Friday, April 15, 2011

Giant Teapot

My huge 3D Fundamentals project. The assignment was to choose a hard object and turn it into a soft, lumpy, and in my case, lopsided sculpture. It was actually a lot of fun to create this.
 The spout cracks me up... 

And now, to introduce today's outfit: 
 shirt: Charlotte Russe
cami: Down East Basics
vest: thrifted
skirt: vintage
shoes: same old 

 I am super excited for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day I take pictures of Holly and Ronnie for their engagement :) I have been looking forward to this for too long! Tomorrow is also the town's Earth Day celebration. I plan on going. Food, music, booths, and hopefully a few hippies?

I am becoming more creative with my clothing combinations. Snaps for Beverly! 

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