Friday, April 8, 2011


 Hola. I realized that I forgot to take pictures of the two recent art projects I turned in this past Tuesday. I'm pretty proud of both :) I can take a photo of the sculpture I made next week, but the drawing might have to wait for the end of this semester.
 I registered for classes today. Next semester sounds stressful. I wasn't able to sign up for a photography class. I think everyone got there before me. Bummer. Hopefully there'll be an availability once the semester starts.

Shirt: thrifted
Cardigan(?): Wet Seal (like 3 years ago)
"Shorts": Pacsun (like 3 years ago)
Shoes: Payless (again, probably 3 years ago)
Floral hair clip: Icing 

I decided to wear some clothes that I hadn't worn in ages. I was thinking of getting rid of this tan cardigan thing, but then I challenged myself to wear it today. I'm glad I did :) I need to be more adventurous with the clothing I already have.

Don't really have anything planned for the weekend. I always work Saturdays. Perhaps after work I'll ask Mr. Houpt on a date. Need more! 


  1. Love this outfit and especially love the pop of pink from your shoes! Hope you're having a great Saturday!

  2. I do that too! I call it a last call moment. And I wear that item and decide whether or not it is a keeper.

  3. Love the floral shirt! And don't get rid of the cardigan because it is so darn cute. You can wear it with jeans or even a dress- which is always a good thing in my book! xoxo


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