Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'm feelin' a bit uninspired to do an outfit post. I wore a new outfit combo (that I was very pleased with) this past Sunday, but forgot to take pictures. Maybe not forgot, but I felt a little embarrassed. Do any of you get a little shy about outfit posts? For me, I like to do 'em when I'm home alone. Just the tripod and I. But to get more successful shots, that involves a person behind the camera. I kinda wanna ask my husband to take some pictures for me, but I think he thinks the whole "outfit post blogs" are silly. Even so, I shouldn't be nervous about asking him. Maybe he'll catch on. Anyone else feel this way?

That aside, here are some promised portraits I did a couple of weeks ago.
My dear friend, Holly:

The lovely Morgan

 (Sometimes, Morgan looks a lot like Taylor Swift... neat.)

Don't steal my pics :) If you do, a reference would be nice. Just sayin'. Kay, thanks.


  1. Those pics are so good! I love the ones by the river, gotta love that NM scenery.

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  2. you have a real talent for photography! i wish i had that. and wow, yeah, i totally think your friend looks like taylor. that is crazy.


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