Friday, April 22, 2011

Close to the End

dress: thrifted (Old Navy)
shirt: Choonimals, Warped Tour
vest: Wet Seal
leggings: Old Navy
sandals: Payless 

It is getting closer and closer to the end of the semester and I am trying not to freak out. So much to do in such little time: research paper for Art History, 3D Fundamentals project, and two drawings. And of course the final exam for Art History... and my Creative Writing teacher hasn't officially given us the instructions for our last assignment. Blah blah blah, school school school. (I need to get pumped and start that paper tonight!)
Anywho, today was fun. I took a few pictures of my friend Carrie. She asked me to take a head shot of her because she's auditioning for West Side Story. Awesome.

How cute she is. 

After this, I asked the husband to go on a date with me. We ended up going to a buffet because we weren't sure what we were in the mood for. Then we went to buy a vacuum cleaner. Finally! 
And that was my day. I'm thinking of going to buy Easter basket stuff tonight and maybe new attire for Sunday? Only if it's on sale... Toodles, xo 

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