Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I was never one to keep a strict schedule during school breaks or summer. I want to change that once Spring Break comes next week. I want to be able to do fun stuff, but I also need to take responsibility and work on a few art projects during that time. So here's a rough draft of my Spring Break:
-Work from 11am to 5pm
- go see a movie :)
-Go thrifting
-Go out to lunch
- Work on drawing projects while Ryan is at work
(Hopefully, I get work off this day.) Lazy Day? Do whatever I want! Maybe finally spend that Best Buy gift card. Possibly have a photo shoot?
- Go shopping for things we need around the house
- Work on 3D fundamentals project (a huge, stuffed, tea kettle!)
- Laze about at home, watch a DVD...
- Work on drawing projects while Ryan is at work
- Got to work all night
- Work 11am to 5pm
- Who knows? Go eat ice cream? Take a walk? Both?
- Go to church :)
- Relax
- Got to parents' or in-laws'?

I'm sure this list will change. I want to hang out with my sisters possibly Wednesday or Thursday. We'll see.

I have another photo-shoot planned for this Friday. I ran into my brother-in-law's fiance today at school and she asked me to take their engagement photos! Everyone's gettin' married. I hope I can come up with a few cute ideas before Friday. They both play instruments... maybe I'll incorporate that into the shoot. Yes, I think I'll suggest that.

That's all for today. xo

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