Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Drawing with charcoal is a "fun" mess. I have finished my skull drawing for my Drawing III class. I must say, I think I'm learning a lot in this figure drawing class. I still haven't started the second drawing for this month... which is due on Thursday. I love being an art major. Anywho, I'm going to recreate this photo of my friend Mae and I for the next one:
Taken by my friend, Emilio 
It's going to be a challenge for sure.... 

And the finished piece (that's due at 4:00 today) : 

There are actually supposed to be three skulls in the drawing, but there wasn't really any more room to fit one. I was thinking of putting another one peeking behind the skull on the left, but I really like how the composition already looks, and I didn't want to risk it. I suppose I should have planned out the composition before starting. I'm nervous to hear what my teacher says about it. Oh well? :) 
More charcoal tonight! 
See ya. 

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  1. Really nice drawing! I wish I had the guts to ba an art major. And I really like your background!


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