Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All I ever talk about

I can't stop listening to Eisley. Each time I listen to the Valley it keeps getting better. I keep the CD in the car for sing-alongs. I'm listening to it as I blog... You could call me obsessed or devoted. In other news, my husband got me a present. The pretty camera ring from Ruche :)
I let him know that it was something I had my eye on, but then I totally forgot about it. He was going to give it to me for our next "special occasion," but since there are none coming up any time soon, he cracked and presented it to me the other day. Every day should be special, anyway. I should do something nice for him. It's fun. 

I feel the urge to take more pictures, and even model in some. I have been busy busy busy this semester. When I'm not at work all day, I'm at school all day. Friday nights = 8 hour shift and Saturday = working from 11-5. Sunday is free, as it should be :) At least I've got no money problems. I just need a break. Spring break will be here in a couple weeks, I believe, but even then it doesn't seem like I'll get much of a break. Teachers shouldn't give assignments during a break. I'll be sure to go on a few outings during that week. I hereby promise myself to: 
1. Go see a movie in theaters 

2. Go on a date. Maybe a double date? 

3. Go thrifting, of course! 

4. Have a photo session 
Welp, I gotta do something more productive now. Gotta fold some clothes and tidy up so Mr. Houpt can come home to a clean apartment. Listening to The Valley should make these otherwise boring chores much more fun.
xo ;) 


  1. This is wonderful! I've been wanting to do ALL of those things.

  2. Are you leaving town for Spring Break?


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