Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Camping in Cloudcroft

I've been wanting to take Gwen camping for a while. Now was the best time to do it because I'll soon be too large and uncomfortable to want to camp, and there's no way I'd want to camp with a newborn, so we took advantage of this small window of time that we have. 

We arranged a camping trip with our family in New Mexico since I knew we wouldn't see most of them until after Christmas when the baby is born. It was wonderful to get out of this Arizona heat for a few days! Gwen loved climbing up and down the hill were we on. She fell countless times (nothing too serious!) and ended up with a ton of bruises and a few scrapes on her legs, but this relentless toddler didn't cry about it once. She was too busy exploring to care. 

Enjoy the short video of some of my favorite moments from this trip! 

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  1. Ah this makes me wanna go camping so bad! I'm glad you got to go camping before your baby bump interfered haha


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