Sunday, July 10, 2016


I hadn't felt like blogging much about the happy things in my life, or really anything while feeling nauseous and unmotivated, but now that that season has passed I'm determined to get back to it... but not before I've hit "publish" on this entry.

It feels wrong to write another Happy List while there is a ton of unhappiness in our nation right now, and it needs to be acknowledged. Recently, there has been so much crime, gun violence, and racism. It seems like there's horrific news every week. It's difficult for me to know what to say. I usually keep silent during these times because I'm reading so many different opinions online and I'm not sure what to address. I also feel like everything that I'd want to say has already been said by other people, and they've said it with far more intelligence and experience on these matters. I was watching a Snapchat story of a blogger I follow and she was talking about how everyone needs to mention and/or speak up about these events before posting anything else that may seem frivolous in contrast. This made me feel bad because I agree with her and I had avoided saying anything about it.

So here I am, addressing these problems. If you were hoping to read a profound blog entry about possible solutions to all of these hate crimes, then I am sorry to report that I've got nothing to offer in that department. The only thing I can say is that I feel like our nation is falling apart and that I feel helpless. I am heartbroken. I am praying for the many victims' families and friends.

Black lives matter. Cops' lives matter. LGBTQ lives matter.

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  1. Pretty much how I feel as well.


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