Tuesday, July 26, 2016

FLOG 3: Favorite Places

First off, this video is almost a week late! Oops. I had grand ideas for this FLOG prompt. I took my DSLR to a couple of my favorite places to film some clips, but when it came down to it, I felt like such a weirdo filming in public. I wish I were more brave about that kind of thing!! I did get a few clips from those attempts, but decided it wasn't enough to make an interesting video.

It's true that one of my favorite places is my living room, but mostly when it's clean. My original idea was to film a kind of "living room tour" showcasing all of my favorite details of the room, but my living room was such a mess! And I had already procrastinated too long to tidy, dust, vacuum, and organize my mess of a bookshelf, and then finally film it. I was running out of daylight and I had to prepare for our road trip/camping trip on top of that! So here's what you get: a sped up video of me cleaning said mess. #reallife

This is actually only from one clip. I had a second clip where I vacuumed and dusted, but it never imported? It's all good though, since this video is boring, anyway, and making it a little longer would make it a snooze fest.

P.S. Did anyone participating in this challenge make a video for prompt 3? I'm checking Riley's blog now and find nothing? lol 

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