Monday, July 11, 2016

Happies -13-

- My mom came to visit and she deep-cleaned my whole house! This is a bigger deal than you may think because I was seriously feeling so crowded and unmotivated to clean because I let the kitchen get out of control. My mind feels so much lighter in a clean house. I am so grateful to her for being so gung-ho about it. She is literally the only person on earth that would do that for me, without being paid, haha.

- Not feeling so nauseous anymore!

- Reading More Than the Tattooed Mormon and getting a spiritual recharge.

- Finally going on a date!

- Singing karaoke for the first time on our date. I was kind of terrible but we're planning to go back sometime, so I'm going to practice! lol

- So right before we left the karaoke restaurant I had to use the restroom. While in there I heard someone singing in Korean over the speakers and they were so good! I finished in the bathroom and saw that it was our waiter??! He could be a professional singer!

- Coming home from the date and finding out that our babysitter put on Gwen's diaper backwards. Gwen wet the bed because it wasn't on tight enough, but all I could do was laugh. It was the girl's first time babysitting, so it was just kinda cute.

- Finding our old Bradley Method workbook! I've got to re-educate myself on this childbirth stuff before labor.

- Finally getting a diffuser for my essential oils!

- Buying a ticket to the next AZ blogger mini conference. I'm more excited for this one than I was for the last because we'll be learning about social media, and I'm obsessed with Instagram and Snapchat.

- Making plans to visit New Mexico, Minnesota, and California this summer! I feel like we've gotta make up for not being able to leave Arizona during Christmas/New Years.

- Being able to attend Sunday school and Relief Society at church and having adult conversations about the gospel. It was nice to have a break from being surrounded by kids in Primary. 


  1. What a great idea to track the simply happy pleasures!

  2. All of these are such happy moments!

    Jenna from

  3. I'm nervous but hopeful about this blog conference. Maybe it'll be more my speed this time? Fingers crossed. (And I'm glad you'll be there too.)

  4. I just hope it's not assigned seating agin, lol.

  5. My friend Emily started it and she does one every week!

  6. What are you going to Minnesota for?

  7. Also lol the diaper. Totally something I would do

  8. My sister-in-law will have her baby by then! So we're gonna go visit them.


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