Monday, August 1, 2016

Mommy Style Monday: Girls Day Out

I'm participating in Mommy Style Monday, again! This time we're sharing an outfit we'd wear when going out, whether it be with girlfriends, sisters, or our own daughters. As you can see, I chose the latter. You guys, this dress is everything when I'm pregnant. It's a maternity dress from Target that I got a couple of years ago while pregnant with Gwen. It's not sheer, it's the perfect length, and it's very stretchy! It makes my baby bump look very prominent, which is fun because I finally feel like I'm showing and I want the world to know! Before I was ever pregnant, I thought that I would hate random people asking me about my pregnancy, but from my experience it has been the opposite. Moms love talking about their babies, y'know. And it only became more fun for me to answer strangers' questions once the baby was outside of me. 

Okay, on to the post. When Gwen and I go out during the summer, it's usually to the pool or an indoor place with AC. (We really have no choice when it's 100+ degrees outside, you know?) My plan for these photos was a bust- I thought to take these photos at the library. We get to the library on Saturday and after only 5 minutes of being inside, they announce that the library is closing?? Since when did the library close so early? I was under the impression that the library closed at 9pm, not 5pm. Apparently it only stays open that late Monday-Wednesday. Lesson learned. So we took these photos outside of the library, which ended up being alright because it was 10 degrees cooler than the day before. We had a monsoon come in the night before that cooled things down just a little. 

This is what our days out look like- me grabbing Gwen before she runs straight into the street or other foreseeable danger. Speaking of running, lets talk about these sandals. These are the first expensive pair of sandals that I've ever bought. I usually buy a new pair of cheap sandals each summer but they'd offer zero support and were never very comfortable. These sandals are a dream to walk in. The brand is Easy Spirit and I got them from Nordstrom Rack. Can we also talk about the shoes at Nordstrom Rack? Basically I love it because they have a good variety of shoes for my small, size 5 feet! 

^ I ran into the sprinkler to cool off a little and Gwen fell in a puddle. Everyday life. 

There you have it. One thing I love about this stage with Gwen is not really having to carry a big diaper bag around with us everywhere. I just pack her water bottle and a diaper, then we're off.

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  1. I have that exact same maternity dress and it is the comfiest thing on the planet!!

  2. How cute! I love that dress too! Your little girl is darling!

  3. I want one in every color!

  4. I'm happy you did it with Gwen! Nordstrom Rack really is the best place to get high quality shoes. I always go straight to the shoe section any time I go there!

  5. I LOVE buying shoes from Nordstrom Rack! Seriously. The best. And what I wouldn't GIVE for size 5 feet! I feel like that's always where you find the shoes that you want! Two sizes smaller than what I have! Haha!
    Your dress is super cute! Stretchy is a must while pregnant! Congrats on the baby that's on the way! Having two is such an adjustment, but so much fun!


  6. do you live in dresses and skirts while pregnant in the summer?! i know i do! haha seriously, it's so hot. you are the cutest little mama :)4


  7. Haha, that's so funny, because I wish my feet were at least a size 6. Most places don't sell anything under a size 6 and I'm always heartbroken over shoes that are just too big! haha.


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