Thursday, August 4, 2016

Happies -14-

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-Being spontaneous and going to Weezer's concert, on a weeknight. Imagine that!

-In the line to the concert there were these really obnoxious girls in front of us. I couldn't believe how annoying they were! (I thought they must have been 16-18 but then one of them mentioned that she just turned 22?? Maybe they were kinda buzzed or high?) For some reason they left the line and as soon as they were out of earshot everyone around us said how relieved they were that those girls left the line! haha. Ryan was like, "I thought only teenagers in movies or TV acted like that. I didn't think people like that were real."

-Whenever we put in a DVD for Gwen she likes to press the little "play" symbol that pops up in the lower left corner of the TV screen. She probably thinks it's a touch screen and that you need to press it to play the movie. That's the conclusion Ryan and I came up with. The next time we put in a movie for her and she was pushing the symbol Ryan said, "It's really nice of Gwen to push Play for us so that we don't have to walk up to the screen every time."

-Another funny thing that Ryan spontaneously said in the car one day, "Is there anything less cool than beat boxing?"

-Baking a cake from scratch for the first time.

-The new Gilmore Girls teaser. Can't wait for November! Just in time for my birthday :)

-When Gwen gets excited and kinda tenses up her body and shakes a little.

-Beginning to feel the baby move! They're just little nudges right now, but that is hands down the best part about being pregnant.

-Finding out what the sex of this baby is! I'll probably announce it on Friday, so please don't ask me before then! 

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