Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wise Words

I've come across some pretty awesome blog posts recently. I love reading a blog post and thinking, "Yeah! I TOTALLY agree with that!" So here are a few that have really blown my mind this past week:

"So here I am admitting that I cry when I am overjoyed. I cry when I am overwhelmed. I cry when I watch Ellen DeGeneres, always. Sometimes I cry when I am singing in my car and I have this epiphany of my existence and I feel overcome by love for my family and friends and God and all the goodness that He brings to all of us. If someone cries in front of me, I will cry with them and for the first time in my life I am not ashamed of it. Showing emotion and feeling puts us in a very vulnerable state and all of my reasons for hating it are because of pride. I have wanted to look put together and if I let myself fall apart, I cannot appear as such. I have been oppressing the very gift that God has planted in all women: The gift to love and nurture and mourn with those that mourn."

On the saying, "Modest is Hottest":
"Dressing modestly doesn’t have to be frumpy; I’m a firm believer in that idea. But why associate modesty with a worldly term? Since we are a chosen generation, I don’t think He called us to be hot. He called us to follow His Word–even when it’s not popular to do so. It’s hard to be a light when you associate with darkness." 

"Lately I've been thinking a lot about, well, a lot. But one of the things that stood out in the last week was how we have this tendency to describe ourselves based on our accomplishments, or how we base people's value on their accomplishments (or lack thereof). It was very obvious during my brother's graduation ceremony, which makes sense because graduation is really a celebration of an accomplishment. But it still made me hope that those kids don't base their value on their accolades and accomplishments. The high school my brothers and I graduated from prides itself on having a high academic standard, so I understand that they'd want to highlight that during a graduation ceremony, and to congratulate the graduates on making it through the rigor. It's easy to get caught up in placing your value on things like that though, and I think it's a shame. People have inherent value, not because of things they've accomplished, but because they're human beings. I shouldn't place a higher value on someone with a bachelor's degree and a lesser value on someone who only graduated high school. Someone who is a CEO isn't more worthy of love than someone who works the night janitorial shift in that CEO's office building." 

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  1. i heart these outfits. {can you dress me, please?!!} and i agree, we should not treat people based on their accomplishments either. just because someone is a CEO doesn't mean they are better than the next. God loves us all so why can't we demonstrate the same? granted, we do need to have boundaries and a lot more around some than most but we can learn to live and love unconditionally as God does with us. anywho.. very touching post. xoxo
    p/s: i sometimes cry when i watch ellen degeneres too. :)


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