Sunday, May 27, 2012


Oh Sunday, blessed Sunday. Thank you for Sundays. 
I've worked a lot this week, just as much as last week, and it can get tiring after a while: being in the heat and wearing skates for 6-7 hours. You know. 

My week in a nut shell~
- When I didn't look like this:
 I looked like this:
- Eating too much fast food... us Sonic employees aren't allowed to bring our own food to work. Lame, eh? It's especially difficult when you don't eat beef, pork, or chicken.
- Stressing over giving a talk and preparing a lesson for church.
- Going to bed at 3:30 in the morning because I was watching Glee after I got home from my night shift, and then laying awake in bed for another hour just thinking about the things I want (but can't afford) and trips I wanna take. I had to be at work the next morning at 11 and I woke up with just enough time to get ready. I was a wreck at work though.

- Being rewarded with free mochi at the sushi restaurant for correcting the waitress on our total (she forgot to add the cost of the sushi to our main dishes). It was my first time eating mochi. So. Good.

- Getting my work schedule for this next week: I don't work as much :)
- My talk (speech) in church went well, and so did my lesson for the youth.
- I'm super excited to watch the second season of The Glee Project this summer
- When I walked into Holly's house to feed her cat today, I found this on the coffee table:
The perks of being a cat sitter.

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  1. stopping by from janette the jongleur's so close link up.

    i can't believe you aren't allowed to bring your own food. how lame. i'd probably weight 300 lbs if i had to eat all my working meals at sonic. :) i'd have a java chiller for lunch every day.

    feel free to stop by and say hello if you'd like!


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