Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sunny Monday

For the final project in my digital photography class my teacher is letting us take pictures of whatever we want. No guidelines other than being passionate about the subject matter. 

So I chose to take photos of myself, because I'm super passionate about me.


I had a photo-shoot with Holly yesterday and I snuck in a few photos while she was off doing a wardrobe change. I'm not sure how I'm going to word my artist's statement for this shoot... something about being fascinated with how looking at a photograph can  make you feel like you're in the "world" that it portrays. Like you want to be in the photo too. Eh, that's how it make me feel. 

skirt, shirt: thrifted, necklace: gift, sandals: Walmart

Some crazy stuff happened yesterday. I called my boss to ask what time I work this week:

Eddie: What happened to you on Friday? 
Me: I...uh...what?
Eddie: You were scheduled to work that day. I tried calling you. 
Me: ...I...I checked the schedule and I thought it said I had that day off... I checked it twice :( I'm sooo sorry.... 
Eddie: Oh. Well, I didn't put you on the schedule this week because I thought you didn't want to work here anymore. 
Me: Aaaaaaggggghhhh. I'm soooo SORRY. I checked the schedule twice,  I thought...asdfsdhgkldghsakdfaeorughdfjk.... 
Eddie: Ok, well you can come in on Wednesday

My boss was pretty nice about all of this, thankfully.  He probably heard the pathetic-ness in my voice and pitied the fool. (The fool being me.) I feel pretty dumb for misreading the schedule though.
Lookit that fool drinkin' lemonade. 

I'll post the legit photos from this shoot tomorrow. 

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