Monday, May 21, 2012

Picnicking and a Solar Eclipse

We went up to Cloudcroft with Holly and Ronnie yesterday afternoon to enjoy some mountain air. 

I think Ryan and I are pretty blessed to have such a great couple as friends. What would we do without another married couple to hang with? 

And then it was time for an eclipse... 

We left before the sun set further because it got pretty cold once the moon blocked the sun, but as we were driving away we got a glimpse of how cool the complete eclipse was.  


  1. Great Pictures ,looks like a lot of Fun!
    Could we follow each other? :)

    Lovely Greetings<3

  2. I LOVE the colors in your outfit, the beige, red and turquoise! and I love the photos with the dead dandelion... beautiful. Looks like you had fun! I didn't picture NM like that, I pictured it more like a desert, you live in a beautiful place!


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